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How and why to meet our ladies

Dear gentleman,
Please note, that all girls working with our escort agency EXCLUSIVE-GIRL.COM are intelligent, educated ladies that should be treated well and with respect as they offer high class company for you.
For smooth and comfortable business deal, please arrange following:
- round ticket must be paid before any trip(please, always send eticket with confirmation number)

- you are also asked to give money for lady's time at the very beggining of each meeting and please, do not consider as rude, when girl counts it

- taxi, food expencies, accomodation or any other expencies that might occured during your time together are not included in prices and are your responsibility to take care of

If our models traveling with another kind of transportation (car, bus, train) you will need to send money to cover travel expenses and will take into account as a guarantee that you will be there when our models come up to a certain destination

Our ladies do not offer incall services and their prices are fix and not negotiable.
You can be sure that you can relay on our descretion as much as we relay on yours, we never share any personal details with third part and we kindly ask you to behave the same way.
Also, please remember, it is very non respectful to share any information about our ladies with other people. We treat everyone with high respect. We try to avoid "lastminute booking" so, please, when you decide to order company of one of our ladies, for non- problematic and enjoyable business make your order as soon as possible, so we have time to organize it and confirm it for you..

For information about prices, please check out ladys profile and click MORE INFO ABOUT HER.    
Donation might be different for different ladies.

Remember for the best quality, enjoyable and unforgetable moments, we need to reach the girl and forward your inquiry to her, they might have other business when your inquiry comes, so sometimes it is not possible to reach her immediately.
Please be patient for our confirmation and email with reply.
Also before trip, girls need time to get organized, pack, have time to come to airport, and need time to fly and meet you in your desired city on time, also some countries require visa, so check availability on lady's profile.

Minimal bookings:

 - 2 and 6 hours meetings are possible to be arranged in the city where the girl reside (so please check profile of your desired lady) and we are able to arrange them with 24 hours notice

- meetings within EU and Switzerland (basicaly where your chosen lady needs to travel by plane) - latest possible order is 24h/48 hours before desired meeting valid for girls from EU and minimal booking is 12 hours

- meetings within rest of Europe - latest possible order is 24 hours before desired meeting and minimal booking is 24 hours

- meetings USA and Canada - latest possible order is 5 days before desired meeting and minimal booking is 72 hours (you will be asked deposite money!)

- meetings in Asia + rest of the world - latest possible order is 7 days before desired meeting and minimal booking is 72 hours (you will be asked deposite money!)


 Many gentlemen are concerned if they can trust us - understandable nowadays, but please realize, we are working with ladies, human beings and we need to protect their privacy and safety. Since you are not our stable client yet (it is understandable that our stable clients have different conditions like full acces to VIP gallery),  we need to have a "small guarantee" you are serious about your booking, to get VIP pass you need to make few bookings from Our Models section. Thank you!

We highly recommended to book refundable e-ticket if anything happens you can change it anytime - because life is unpredictable and we all are only humans!


Our ladies do not offer incall
Many of you ask for girls cell phone number, please understand, it is not possible to offer their personal details since they choose to work with agency, they want to protect their privacy,  if lady gives you her personal contact on your meeting it is her free will, but we are not allowed, sorry!


Our ladies always arrive to meeting dressed well with nice make-up, hair and nails done, they are clean and elegant and look representative - please we expect the same from you, be gentleman. They all have perfect professional pictures as this is their online presentation and good pictures are important in this business, but we can assure you they also look lovely and elegant in real life!


Smelly breath, bad hygiene, illnesses - those are absolutely not acceptable conditions for our ladies to work under.
Ladies arrive to meetings always healthy and clean.
We expect the same from you as smelly breath or neglected hygiene might lead to girl's refusal of intimacy.



For effective booking:

Please remember that as many details we know about you, your wishes, hobbies, appearance, clothes you wear, your job, things you like/ dont like...as effectively we can organize your meeting and maybe recommend you some lady.
We try to approach your wishes as much as it is possible, we want to achieve satisfaction in all sites, so any information you could provide us only helps us to be successful.
We can assure you that we never share your personal information with any other people! Discretion is our prior concern! Your satisfaction is our goal! Thanks for understanding and cooperation.

Your Exclusive-Girl Team

We are not an employer of any lady introduced on this website. We are webmaster and our work is to provide "cyber space" for girl's presentation. We are not resposible for their decisions,information or services they offer as they all are adults and online presentation on this page is their free will. Girls are working as fully free individuals and this web site is only acting as "sercetary or personal assistant" for technical organization. We don't provide illegal and immoral activities.
The fees and profile information dispayed on this page are for companionship set up fully by each individual woman. All others is a matter of individual and personal choice and agreement between two adults where we-as a webmaster- do not participate! To protect privacy of our ladies there is no possibility for direct contact.